Esa Akhtar

Esa Akhtar

Graduate Trainee

I have joined Artorius as a graduate trainee straight from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Economics and Finance degree. This degree contained units like financial accounting, financial decision making, financial planning for individuals and the obvious micro and macro economic units. This will help when it comes to decision making as I have good knowledge when it comes with the economic aspect a long with the obvious financial side.

I believe my specialities is having good communication a long with producing reports with a high standard. This was evident in the assignments I had to complete when it came to my degree, which on most of them I received the highest grade. I also believe I have valuable IT skills and Microsoft skills, which was tested in the last two years of my degree as the pandemic had all students learning online and that did not immobilise me in any way. This can also be down to me and most of the students being technology natives.

Before Artorius I only worked in retail while I was studying at university, which helped me understand different customers and build my communication skills up. This also allowed me to work faster and to learn to overcome hurdles on the way with different workloads.

Outside of work I like to stay fit at my local boxing gym and also coach in the sessions for the kids when I have free time as they are the future of the sport. I also have a huge interest in football, especially my club Manchester United.

Manchester +44 161 711 0730