Kevin Shone

Kevin Shone

Client Partner

30+ years in Wealth Management – what’s that all about? For a lad from Wigan the journey through Managing Director positions at Coutts, Goldman Sachs & Barclays has been almost surreal, until the adventure of helping to build Artorius was a fork in the road. The change in direction to a role that is purely on the side of the client has been frightening, challenging, engaging and rewarding in equal measure! No more “safety blanket” of working inside a huge organisation, but the wonderful freedom to think nothing other than “what is right for our clients?”. No sales targets, promotions, incentives or institutional bias – all of the conflicts of interest that Artorius was set up to eradicate. Being amongst a team that has nothing to “sell” but their advice, openness, trust and energy was always the goal, and to see the career journey reach that strived for destination is a delight.

The personal journey has also, thankfully, reached a delightful place – living in the Peak District with my wife & 4 kids (anybody with 4 kids knows that the section for “hobbies” is pretty much filled in advance, but still darting around a 5-a-side football pitch whenever possible!).

My focus at Artorius continues to be the management of multi-generational planning – how to asset allocate, control and govern assets across generations such that families see their wealth working for them not against them.

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