Nehemiah White

Nehemiah White

Graduate Trainee

I joined Artorius as a graduate trainee on completion of my postgraduate degree, having studied financial economics. Financial analysis was a fundamental component of my educational experience and gave me a plethora of transferable skills that I hope will aid my career in finance. In particular my education in econometric methods gives me the ability to understand and interpret macroeconomic trends which will greatly benefit client needs and my future endeavours in wealth management.

Having progressed from an investment banking focussed internship, I gained a particular interest in the meticulous art of portfolio analysis that will be perpetuated with my role at Artorius. In addition to the experience gained at Artorius and previous internships, I aspire to complete my professional qualifications in the hopes of further extending my knowledge and proficiency in the wealth management industry.

Away from the numbers, my main interest has been football since I was young, be it playing watching or talking! Alongside this I am particularly fond of travelling whenever possible, darting off in any window of opportunity that opens itself.

Manchester +44 161 711 0730