Paddy Lewis

Paddy Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

I am very lucky to be leading a team of extremely talented, experienced individuals with a common vision of providing a fresh perspective to our clients and their families.

Achieving the right investment outcome over the long term is what drives Artorius. One of the key ingredients is meticulous financial planning which is at the heart of everything we do. I firmly believe that understanding what clients want to achieve across all aspects of their lives is the bedrock of good investment advice.

I have spent my whole career in wealth management, half in the North East and half in London, working for private clients. I love helping people navigate the financial complexities they face across generations and really understanding what it is all for. Developing strong, long lasting relationships and solving problems is what I enjoy most.

Before joining Artorius I spent 18 months as a partner at Sionic, a global financial services consulting firm, prior to which I spent 15 years in several senior roles at UBS Wealth Management and before that at Laing & Cruickshank, Merrill Lynch and Wise Speke.

Outside of work my wife and I love spending time with our grown up children, one in London and one in Singapore, when we can. Beyond family my obsession is sailing and particularly racing 505 dinghies, which takes us to some wonderful locations around the world.

I am a chartered member of the Institute for Securities & Investment.

London +44 20 3039 3040