Stephen Swift

Stephen Swift

Senior Client Partner

At Artorius I’m able to combine two roles – looking after clients, but also serving on the investment team. My background in institutional stockbroking has made me sceptical about ‘other people’s money’, so it’s refreshing to be able to help real people look after their own. Many of my clients are experienced investors themselves – I learn constantly from their insights and intelligence while hoping to contribute something of my own. I’m lucky to work with many talented individuals – inside Artorius but especially among our network of clients and investors.

After more than thirty years in investment I love the constantly-shifting puzzles posed by financial markets: how does new information challenge our view and consensus thinking, and what – if anything should we be doing to improve the probability of protecting and growing our clients assets? Increasingly I’m of the view that investment isn’t about knowing what’s going to happen: it’s more a question of knowing that you don’t know and making sure that you’re resilient to whatever gets thrown at you.

I spend as much time as I can with my family, especially when we’re all together on the Suffolk coast. I work with a number of musical charities there and elsewhere, as a trustee and a member of finance, audit and investment committees. My real love is music – landing up in the City was an accident…

London +44 20 3039 3040


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