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Alternatives Proposition

Drawing on the unique nature of the Artorius Group, the Artorius group of companies, offer clients the following services:

  • Origination and sourcing of interesting investment opportunities
  • Investment execution support.
  • Ongoing consolidated investment-administration through an online portal.
  • Connection to like minded investors.

Investment Types

There are four main types of alternative investments where we can support our clients:

1. Direct investing

  • growing businesses across the spectrum from technology, infrastructure, renewables, ESG and mediaproviding equity investments opportunities.
  • opportunities with tax advantageous status e.g. EIS & SEIS

2. Venture and Private equity funds

  • high quality private equity, private equity fund of funds, venture capital and secondaries fund investments.

3. Debt

  • Access to unlisted and typically securitised debt instruments. These can be one off trades or part of rolling programmes.

4. Tax efficient products

  • Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes (fund) and SEIS.

We also can consult clients on real estate acquisitions, click here to learn more.

Execution & Support

We believe as a Group we offer a unique proposition for clients seeking alternative exposure, for the following reasons:

1. We have a strong network generatingunique dealflow:

  • Relationships with high quality investment and corporate finance houses.
  • Introductions to opportunities by the Artorius shareholder group.
  • Introductions to opportunities by our clients, many of who are entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists.
  • Co-investment opportunities alongside Venture Capital firms
  • Co-investment opportunities with investing corporate finance houses

2. We provide clients direct access to the investment managers and/or management teams of potential investments.

3. We bring together our clients with a common interest so they can assess opportunities collegiately.

4. We enable access to due diligence (for co-investment opportunities).

5. Our service delivers ongoing consolidated investment administration through our digital platform.

Clients seeking advice on investing in alternatives can receive this from Artorius. Boardwalk Alternative Capital is for those not seeking advice and who due to their sophistication do not want to be restricted in choice by regulated advice, and instead pursue their own due diligence, investment assessment and selection.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact us on the details below:

T: +44(0)161 711 0730 ◆ E: enquiries@artorius.com

Some of our services include recommending investments. Investing involves risk, including loss of capital. Our real estate service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.