Consolidated Reporting

We offer clients consolidated reporting to give them the clarity they require on their wealth and to enable better informed decision making.

Through our investment into technology, all our clients can access our standard consolidated reporting, which includes a consolidated wealth balance sheet together with detailed performance and asset allocation analysis, where investments are held by the custodians we recommend.

For those clients with complex portfolios and estates, we can be engaged to provide bespoke reporting and analysis.

Bespoke reporting and analysis

We often find that clients with large or more complicated portfolios estates, the intricacy of their financial affairs, coupled with the inability to gain a clear overall picture of their estate, means they don’t have the clarity or confidence to make empowered decisions in terms of investment opportunities, wealth structuring or planning for the future. This is where our bespoke consolidated reporting and analysis steps in.

We offer clients a service where they can contract us to provide completely bespoke consolidated reports, either on a monthly or quarterly basis. These cover our clients’ total wealth across all custodians and asset classes and can be broken down by entity, asset type, tax status etc. Through this we offer:

  • Balance sheet analysis, including asset allocations, tax exposures, currency breakdown and concentration risk, among others.
  • Private equity reporting and analysis for both direct investments and funds.
  • Performance reporting, analysis and monitoring of external managers
  • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Fee breakdowns and analysis

The reporting and analysis we provide is often the only way our clients can see the structure and positioning of their estate clearly and from a bird’s eye-view. Not only does this process provide clarity for our clients to make empowered decisions, it acts as a vital platform for our inhouse wealth planning and structuring team to ensure their wealth is working in harmony and is being maximised net of taxes. Such reporting and analysis also means that we can sit with our client’s tax and legal advisers and provide them with a complete picture of their estate. Too often we find that prior to seeing this complete picture, existing advisors struggle to fully appreciate and therefore properly address key areas of concern for our clients.