Property Transactions

We Will Handle Everything For you

Who advises the buyers in property transactions? We do, and we only ever act for buyers. Unlike estate agencies - who are paid by sellers - we have no obligation to anyone but you.

Advising On Property

Buying Property At The Best Price

We sift properties based on your criteria, from an opportunity-set that includes those ‘off marketʼ as well as those available publicly. From this we put together a short-list for you to consider and arrange for you to view those that appeal to you most.

When it comes to buying we can handle everything for you. We deal on your behalf with the vendorʼs agents, their solicitors and surveyors, and if youʼre buying as an investment we can arrange management of the property on your behalf. We can arrange efficient financing and we can negotiate on your behalf to secure the best purchase terms.

This service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Real Estate

Purchasing Property Below The Asking Price

When we started offering real estate advice we thought that it would appeal particularly to our international clients, and itʼs true that they make up the larger part of our real estate business. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t appeal to our UK resident clients too. Almost all of our clients have an important part of their net wealth in property, so why wouldn’t we help them with this, as with their other financial assets?

We think that good, unconflicted advice in property is hard to find - thatʼs why weʼre determined to offer it and weʼre convinced that thatʼs what we deliver. Best of all we believe that this advice more than pays for itself. Weʼre incentivised to buy property for you below the price at which itʼs offered. And mostly thatʼs what happens.