Wealth Planning

Structuring Your Financial Assets

Advice on how best to structure your family’s financial assets is we believe critical. If it’s going to deliver the best outcomes, it’s best done at the outset: so Wealth Planning is where we invariably start.


Creating Client Objectives

Planning - as the word suggests - is about being prepared for the future: getting this right is a pre-requisite for success. On its own it’s not enough, but without it even the best investment solutions are unlikely to deliver your objectives efficiently.

Sometimes what’s optimal from today’s perspective may reduce flexibility down the track, so there may be trade-offs as opposed to simple answers. Sometimes it may be that leaving some wiggle-room for future changes of direction is worth having, perhaps at the cost of a little efficiency today. That’s why each client’s objectives - now and for the future - are important to establish. And when it comes to implementation, we’re happy to work with our clients’ accountants and tax advisors at every stage to mitigate the risks of potentially costly mistakes.