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Classic Cars

Classic Cars Experts

Helping Clients Enjoy Their Wealth

As part of helping our clients to enjoy their wealth we have developed specialist classic car expertise to support you purchase and maintain your car collection. We have helped our clients to narrow down exactly what it is they are looking for, before helping them to source particularly special cars off market using a very tightly defined list of criteria.

Negotiations To Benefit You

Protecting Your Assets

Once a car has been found we negotiate on behalf of the client, arrange legal contracts, inspections etc. before executing the transaction. Once completed we will often arrange for storage, maintenance and of course the appropriate contractual arrangements. As many of our clients view their cars as part of their balance sheet, it is important that this investment is managed as you would manage any other, to further enhance value and minimise downside risk. This very often takes the form of us using our extensive list of contacts to ensure that a car maintains an active profile in the appropriate media and at key events around the world.

This service is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

“We can have a meaningful conversation, not the normal patronising small talk trying to convince me to sell my cars and buy shares.”

Maintaining Close Relationships With Our Clients

Maintaining Close Relationships With Our Clients

When you deal with a family for many years and become their true trusted advisor, you witness their requirements changing as their wealth and...

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