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Credit Structuring

Managing Debt

Getting On-To The Housing Ladder

As most clients have experienced, debt can be a valuable tool. For the bulk of the population getting onto the housing ladder without a first mortgage would be next to impossible. But sadly, for a minority of people, debt can also lead to very poor outcomes.

Experience Matters

Years Of Bank Experience

As a consequence, it is essential to manage debt in a thoughtful, conservative and strategic fashion and this is where we seek to add material value for our clients.

Many clients see one of the benefits of having accumulate wealth being never having to borrow again. Others however consider debt to be a valuable tool to be utilised either tactically or strategically.

Within Artorius we have many people with many years of experience working for banks - we speak ‘bank speak’. Selecting a lender is more than about just finding the cheapest rate (which is not to say that we don’t push for the sharpest terms!).

Credit Structuring

'Lending by Numbers'

‘Lending by numbers’ can lead to repossessing by numbers...you need a lender that will stand by your facilities in bad as well as in good times. Often this is driven by how the debt is structured and positioned, as well as the context within which it is taken out. We specialise in ensuring that debt adds, rather than detracts value, and becomes an enabler rather than a burden.

Our clients borrow for varied reasons (and you can find examples in our case studies) but can be summarised as cashflow management, currency hedging, tax efficiency and gearing. In many instances (for example currency hedging) the debt can be used to reduce risk materially rather than increase it. We have a large panel of institutions from whom we source credit which allows us to arrange mortgages (UK and overseas) as well as non-property debt secured on assets such as investments, classic cars or fine art.

“The UK and European stock selection has conviction based on a proven philosophy and process leading to distinctive performance.”

Assisting With Your Cashflow Management

Assisting With Your Cashflow Management

Often credit can be incredibly valuable to fill a gap between receipts. Recently a client had a requirement to purchase a property for another...

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