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Family Office

Family Office

Family Governance Through Advice, Oversight and Reporting

Our clients asked us a question. How can you help us to manage the complexity of our lives and financial affairs more effectively? They knew about the concept of a family office and that it might be the answer. They also knew that it came with cost and complexity and they weren’t clear that they could find the skills and resources they required. But we were certain that we could. So we created Family Office by Artorius for them.

Family Assets

Family Office Defined

All too often our clients find themselves in the centre of things. Their success means that they have responsibility for the family’s portfolio of assets, liabilities and income streams. This means managing their relationships with banks, wealth managers, institutions and with their range of financial and legal advisors. And then they have to find time for their family and for their personal interests.

When we ask our clients what they really want, their response is clear: they want their time back and want to focus on what really matters; they would like management, oversight and control of their assets, with support for their transactions. And they recognise the challenges that arise from the family’s relationship with their wealth, whether succession, tax, philanthropy or simply the question “what is it for?”

We listened to our clients and accordingly we set objectives for our Family Office framework. We wanted to create an environment where decisions are made and implemented in our clients’ best interests; where decision makers were fully empowered; and we wanted to be able to hold advisors to account.

Family Office

How Do We Do That?

We deliver a comprehensive Family Office framework. We create the functions that our clients need to deliver on our promise to give them their time back and make their lives easier. We do this through a combination of advice, oversight and reporting.

There are 5 functions -

Principal Advice - acting only in the best interests of the family, we act as the voice of reason and analysis, we challenge, we facilitate, we focus, we seek consensus and we share our experience.

Oversight - supported by technology, we are the central point of contact and communication. We document and retain knowledge, we manage transactions and we are the first port of call for family and advisors.

Reporting - delivered by the oversight team, our consolidated reporting gives our client comprehensive insight into the family’s financial affairs. It is the basis for discussion, for the evolution of strategy and for decision making.

Investment Oversight and Advice - investment is our core competency and we provide the family with its own Chief Investment Officer (CIO). We bring impartiality, insight, expertise, recommendations, review and more.

Wealth Planning Advice - we help our clients structure their family’s wealth while helping build, preserve and transition assets, all done being mindful of the impact of tax. Planning, protection, cashflow analysis, scenario modelling and liquidity all play their part.

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“Artorius take responsibility for coordinating and reporting to various accountants, lawyers, etc. To have the knowledge that everything is consolidated under one roof - but not impeding my freedom to do whatever I want - has been a great relief, administratively.“

Responsibilities In Managing Substantial Wealth

Responsibilities In Managing Substantial Wealth

Family Office by Artorius delivers great family governance and by that we mean that decisions are made in the best interests of the family,...

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