Introducing Artorius

The Art of Delegation – delegating to experts who understand you

Dedicating your life to growing a career in financial services can unfortunately mean little time is left for your own family finances. Passing the responsibility for something so personal and important can be daunting but, as in your careers, you understand effective delegation can create material value. Artorius understands this challenge, working with many professionals in this space with a bespoke service designed to allow you to leverage more life from wealth.

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Service that understands you

Artorius prides itself on its team of experienced financial services professionals – many of whom spent many years working in large financial services institutions before we established Artorius. We have been on the other side of the table, and now create material value for our clients by understanding in detail the nuances of dealing with the financial services industry – conflicts of interest, multiple layers of charging, lack of transparency and low levels of impartiality make dealing direct a challenge for even the most knowledgeable investors.

You’ve worked hard to create your success so it’s natural to be concerned about committing this responsibility to a third party – value has to be created via the exercise.

That’s why we have designed our service to become the trusted adviser you need. We won’t pigeonhole you or waste time trying to sell you products. Instead, at Artorius our highly experienced team of advisers is dedicated to delivering the bespoke service you require, wherever the end solutions may be found.

We learn about your circumstances, listen to your fears and ultimately help you make the most of your wealth.

Adding value for financial services professionals


We design an appropriate asset allocation with you, creating an investment portfolio tailored to suit your circumstances. We understand that Financial Services Professionals often have a defined period to generate their wealth and the capital pool may then be relied upon for many years after retirement – creating the appropriate levels of long-term returns after retirement will be vital. Our investment team follows a detailed, rigorous and repeatable process aimed at maximising returns for given levels of risk.


With dedicated time and resources, we create financial plans that accommodate your tolerance for volatility and risk while safeguarding for contingencies.

Your plan is designed to match your individual circumstances and support growth, ensuring conflicts of interest are avoided and any internal compliance requirements are covered.


With our consolidated reporting, you can see all assets and liabilities in one place. This means getting to grips with your finances becomes much simpler. Asset Allocation, Liquidity Mapping, FX Management, Estate Planning, Income & Capital gains tax mitigation – all can be run efficiently when the total position is consolidated.

With this, we can plan strategically for the long term while ensuring you have liquidity in place throughout your career as it evolves.


We’re not tax advisers, but we understand the crucial role tax plays in your career. Working with high-quality accountants and solicitors, we’re able to explore how tax-efficient options can play a role in your plans – using personal allowances across the family, ISAs, Pensions, VCTs, EIS, Investors Relief, etc can all mitigate material amounts of tax in a non-aggressive fashion.


We negotiate with third parties to achieve discounts on funds, leveraging the scale of investments we handle and the longstanding relationships we’ve fostered (while ensuring fees create value).

A clean break

​We do things very differently at Artorius.

Artorius was launched by seasoned wealth management professionals to build something new, moving away from the industry’s fixation on building assets and selling products.

Instead, we champion a high calibre bespoke service. With Artorius, you’ll have your own adviser who you can reach at any time and will be entirely committed to your plans.

Financial security and planning needn’t be abandoned in the pursuit of career success. At Artorius, your dedicated adviser will work around your hectic schedule and manage your plan in partnership with you – ensuring your concerns are addressed and requests are fulfilled.

Most importantly we understand how directly your success impacts that of your family and future generations. This is why our service goes further to help you leverage more life from your wealth.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact us on the details below:

T: +44(0)161 711 0730


Some of our services include recommending investments. Investing involves risk, including loss of capital.