An introduction to Artorius

Supporting you with your inheritance and beyond

As an impartial wealth adviser, Artorius can provide the clarity, security and peace of mind that people need when they inherit significant amounts of wealth. Whatever the circumstances, our expertise and experience mean we can support you throughout this entire process.

Adjusting to life-changing news

To some, inheriting significant amounts of wealth may bring new opportunities. However, for others, it can initially come with a sense of burden and responsibility, leading to anxiety and confusion.

At Artorius we bring invaluable insight to your situation to help you find clarity. We start by reviewing your financial situation and talking with you about how this inheritance makes you feel, your current circumstances, and both your immediate needs and longer-term objectives.

How we work with you

An inheritance may be a one-off exchange, but it can have long-lasting impacts.

You may have inherited a number of investments and assets. Providing clarity, our experienced team can give you full transparency on what assets you have, how you can access these assets (and what restrictions they may have), whether these are still appropriate for you and make recommendations about what to do next.

Here, financial planning plays a vital role. Our financial planning strategies can include proposals such as addressing the basics (for example appraising your pensions, making sure adequate life insurance is in place, ensuring your will and lasting power of attorneys remain appropriate), through to managing liabilities and cashflow management.

Change can be daunting, but we discuss the options available to you and oversee the entire implementation on your behalf. This can include implementing an investment strategy, repositioning your current assets if necessary, to build a portfolio that appreciates your circumstances and is fit for the future. You may need a regular income, have short-term liquidity needs or simply want to grow your capital over time. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor an investment strategy that is right for you. We also have a dedicated real estate advisory team that provides a truly personalised service to find and finance property purchases, managing the entire acquisition process on your behalf (including sourcing and appointing appropriate solicitors, valuers and surveyors).

Looking to the long term, the best financial plans are crafted to your individual circumstances and designed to last. Your plan will be continually revisited along with your investment strategy so that our advice remains appropriate and effective. Our oversight, monitoring and reporting capabilities mean you are kept informed and that decisions continue to be made and implemented in your best interests.

Our intention is to be with you every step of the way as life unfolds, offering ongoing advice and ensuring your plans always look ahead.

Covering all the bases

We are an independently owned and impartial wealth management firm that is focused on making sure a co-ordinated and comprehensive solution is implemented for you.

This is largely made possible by working in partnership with your team of professional advisers that may include your solicitors, trustees, tax advisers and other trusted family advisers.

This all-inclusive approach is designed to benefit you and your circumstances, with everyone on the same page and in regular communication with one another.