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Government Regulations

Looking At Government Regulations For Our Clients

It may be hard to keep on top of the changes to the UK tax regime but spare a thought for those who have to comply with more than one fiscal jurisdiction. The fabled ‘non-doms’ (individuals who are UK resident but domiciled elsewhere) were after all, encouraged to come to live here because the UK Government believed that the UK would benefit from their presence. Since then, the benefits of this regime have been materially reduced, but the complexity has not.

International Citizens

We Love Complexity

The situation for UK resident US citizens is particularly tricky: there are treaties in place which in principle mean that tax should only be paid once; in practise however there are considerable restrictions placed on the way that such an individual can invest (see the ‘Case Study’ section for an example). And it is expensive to keep on top of complying with the constraints that this situation imposes.

Artorius loves complexity because our model is genuinely bespoke. We don’t claim to have specialised knowledge of every jurisdiction but we know and work with many external specialists who do. Working alongside tax advisors and accountants, we can assume much of the burden of working in multiple jurisdictions, hopefully making it as worthwhile for these individuals to be here, as it is for us to have them.

“Artorius sets the benchmark - it reminds me of hard work, grit and strong ethics."

Understanding Our Clients' Situation To Provide Helpful Advice

Understanding Our Clients' Situation To Provide Helpful Advice

Mr Client and Mrs Client are married with three adult children, of whom two are employed and one is at university. Mr Client settled funds into an...

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