An Introduction to Artorius

Designed for private equity professionals

Success in private equity demands specialist wealth management that fits. With a bespoke service designed for private equity professionals, think of Artorius as your own family office.

Serving a unique industry

A career in private equity is often extremely rewarding, but it comes with challenges including:

  • An all-consuming schedule;
  • The difficulties of predicting fund payouts;
  • Managing liquidity demands around capital calls;
  • Significant inheritance tax liabilities;
  • And specific asset allocation implications due to high private equity exposure and your firm’s compliance restrictions.

Such demands mean specialised financial planning is required and anything else falls short.

At Artorius, we work with many private equity professionals because we understand the unique demands of this profession.

We listen, ask the right questions and can immediately start seeing to your affairs, assigning you a dedicated Client Partner to project-manage your financial planning on your behalf.

What our bespoke service includes

  • We immediately start by quickly determining your entire asset position, cataloguing each asset and liability to provide a consolidated report of your whole balance sheet.
  • Maintained on an ongoing basis, this consolidated view is also designed to give you peace of mind. Should something happen to you, with one phone call to Artorius your family can quickly get up to speed on your balance sheet and won’t be left vulnerable in such a difficult time.
  • A bespoke financial plan will be put in place, tailored to your aspirations and requirements. Covering both the near and long term, your plan compromises your ‘on paper’ and ‘accessible’ wealth in the optimal way.
  • Our detailed cashflow forecasts enable us to plan around and bridge any liquidity gaps you face in your career.
  • When leverage is desirable or necessary, we can draw on our experience of packaging up and presenting your requirements to source high-quality mortgage, Lombard, overdraft or matched/co-invest funding solutions designed for private equity professionals.
  • We create bespoke portfolios tailored to private equity professionals’ risk appetites, as well as their preferences and views. We also ensure all portfolios take into consideration existing balance sheets, co-investments and compliance considerations.
  • We’ll work with you to quantify the ‘key person risk’ your family faces, helping protect your loved ones against it.
  • To make sure co-ordinated and comprehensive solutions are implemented for you, tailored around your career and family, we assemble and engage with a team of specialist professional advisers across the legal, tax and fiduciary disciplines.
  • We can mitigate the IHT on your estate, from utilising gifting allowances to placing assets into trusts. We can help protect your carried interest with strategies that allow your estate to see investments through to their maturity.
  • Going further, we understand the complicated role large inheritances can have in a family. With this in mind, our Client Partners are experienced in engaging with future generations and creating multi-generational plans.

A clean break

Artorius was launched by seasoned wealth management professionals to build something different. Our founders wanted to move away from the industry’s fixation on building assets and selling products.

Alignment is a core philosophy at Artorius. All employees have share ownership and our independent ownership means we can be truly impartial and concentrate on alignment with our clients.

We focus on our service to you and your family’s future.

Your team

​Think of us as your own family office.

At Artorius, every private equity professional we work with has access to a dedicated team who oversee their plan, proactively look out for their future and fix any issues that arise.

This is how Artorius helps people like you: whether it be in the early stages of your career, as it grows and becomes more sophisticated, right up to ensuring a smooth transition into a fulfilling and (in many cases) phased retirement.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact us on the details below:

T: +44(0)161 711 0730


As a private equity professional, you will understand that your capital is at risk when investing. Some of Artorius’ services mentioned above do involve risk, including loss of capital.