Introducing Artorius

What do you want your post-work life to look like?

Your diary is now your own, so how do you want to use this time? To support your plans – and leverage as much life from your wealth as possible – you need an expert adviser that understands where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

Time to readjust

Finishing your career is as much a personal change as it is professional. Relinquishing your role doesn’t have to mean a reduction in activity or influence, and you now have the time to pursue new and exciting ventures (be they philanthropic, entrepreneurial or otherwise).

With more time to give thought to family affairs, it’s important to ensure the financial planning you undertake addresses your specific legacy concerns and requirements.

At Artorius we advise many financial services professionals, both working and retired, because we take the time to understand each family we work with. Working with your team of solicitors, accountants, trustees and other consultants, our advisers implement bespoke plans on your behalf, even if it has been some time since you finished your career. Our service is designed for your specific circumstances and to support how you want to spend your future.

Meeting your post-career needs (and wants)

Wealth planning is the starting point for everything that we do, so we put a lot of time into understanding your background and the objectives of family wealth.

We understand (first-hand) how demanding a successful career can be in financial services, which means your financial planning may have previously taken a back seat.

We can fix this, giving you a dedicated and highly experienced adviser who will create a financial plan for your specific circumstances. Our advisers are very familiar with career paths like yours and are able to help in a number of ways, from matters such as new wills and LPAs to merging pension pots and arranging bespoke life insurance coverage.

Sophisticated investors benefit from our approach and the strategies we deploy, allowing us to enhance tax efficiency while supporting intergenerational wealth plans. Our consolidated reporting gives you real insight, combining document management with data reporting via a singular and secure web portal. Not only can this support decision making but in a worst-case scenario it can prove invaluable in helping your family become fully informed about your estate.

When it comes to investing, we appreciate you may want something more flexible. Our open architecture allows us to offer best of breed investment solutions from throughout the industry, with our inhouse team working constantly to deliver a flow of cutting-edge ideas.

As well as including tax advantaged solutions such as VCT and EIS, we are able to facilitate investments in private markets and connect you with similarly entrepreneurially-minded people who bring more than just wealth to such an opportunity. We understand you may miss the thrill of being involved in investments, which is why we have made private market investment such a key part of our offering for people like you.

Establishing security for future generations

You’ve achieved considerable professional success but we understand that very often this isn’t just your wealth – it’s your family’s legacy. Therefore, it needs to be protected and enhanced.

We take a multi-generational view and realise this isn’t just about reducing IHT, but establishing structures to effectively protect and cascade family wealth. We also understand how sensitive a topic wealth can be in some families, with many parents concerned about distorting their children’s motivation.

At Artorius, we have extensive experience in helping parents protect their children from their wealth while nurturing involvement in the family’s finances. Our expert advisers invest as much time as it takes to understand each family member we work with, allowing us to create intergenerational wealth plans that match.