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With your business, you’re in total control. Unfortunately, because you’re so busy, the same can’t be said for your own finances. A lot of entrepreneurs just don’t have the time, which is why they turn to Artorius as their trusted adviser.

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You’re the priority

As a successful entrepreneur, you’re naturally used to putting your business first.

However, due to a simple lack of time, many people in your position neglect their own financial planning needs. As your business grows your wealth will too – meaning increasingly sophisticated financial planning is needed to protect and structure your success for the long term.

This is why so many entrepreneurs turn to Artorius. Not only do our advisers have extensive financial planning expertise, but they all have an entrepreneurial mindset. They recognise the struggles of growing a business as well as the unmatched thrill that comes with this success.

Working around your hectic schedule, we can become the trusted adviser you need to leverage as much life as possible from your wealth.

Securing your financial future

  • We start by carrying out a full catalogue of your asset position, creating a financial plan to match and designed to support growth.
  • Many entrepreneurs forgo traditional salaries in exchange for equity, which can unfortunately compromise savings and tax efficiency. However, we are able to advise on the numerous ways you can structure your salary and benefits to maximise tax efficiency, savings and liquidity.
  • Not all successful entrepreneurs are able to live the life they want due to liquidity constraints, but your lifestyle doesn’t have to be compromised. Through financial planning we can maximise your personal cashflow and identify any potential shortfalls.
  • Entrepreneurs have different financing needs to the wider public. Our extensive experience and wide-ranging network allow us to source specialist lending solutions designed for entrepreneurs like yourself.
  • Our consolidated reporting displays all your wealth on one screen, laying this out in front of you for peace of mind and planning purposes.
  • We build an appropriate asset allocation for you, creating an investment portfolio tailored to suit your circumstances. You may not be used to the world of investment, but we can walk you through everything so you feel comfortable and confident with the strategy designed for you.
  • As your career develops, guarding against ‘key person risk’ becomes crucial. We advise on life insurance policies, working with specialist providers to ensure coverage is competitive, comprehensive and bespoke. We can also advise on wills and Power of Attorneys.
  • Intergenerational wealth planning isn’t just about reducing IHT. We understand the wealth you create today could benefit your family tomorrow, which is why we establish structures to protect and cascade this wealth for future generations.

Guiding you through a successful exit

We’re not just trusted advisers for entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses.

In addition, we extend our bespoke service right up to the point of sale and beyond. Here our considerable experience in business sales comes to the forefront and we can give valuable insights on the whole process and life afterwards. While thrilling, selling a business can bring mixed emotions and make many entrepreneurs feel vulnerable.

Therefore, at Artorius we answer all your questions and walk you through the entire process. Throughout this time of change, your Artorius adviser will be constantly by your side and helping you prepare for the next chapter.

The partner you deserve

​Unfortunately, with other firms you’re very likely to be treated as a number and quickly handed over to inexperienced staff.

We do things very differently at Artorius.

Artorius was launched by seasoned wealth management professionals to build something new, moving away from the industry’s fixation on building assets and selling products. And we’re not a bank either.

Instead, we champion a high calibre bespoke service. With Artorius, you’ll have your own adviser who you can reach at any time and will be entirely committed to your plans.

In the same way you’re dedicated to your business, we’re dedicated to helping you leverage more life from your success. This is why Artorius is so popular with entrepreneurs like you.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact us on the details below:

T: +44(0)161 711 0730


Some of our services include recommending investments. Investing involves risk, including loss of capital.