Financial Services

Financial Services Professionals

Over recent years Artorius have managed the financial affairs of a very senior Financial Services Professional, who spent 20 years at the very top of the Financial Services industry. Our involvement has ranged across the clients entire balance sheet and has included areas such as:

Credit Structuring – advising on the level, type and format of long term property finance

Cashflow management – including the sourcing of best in class interest rates as well as the risk management of underlying institutions

Consolidation of multiple pension arrangements into one simple to administer pension pot that now offers far better investment choices and returns

Pulling together many disparate investments into one co-ordinated portfolio

Designing an overall asset allocation to meet the clients net return objectives in as low a risk profile as possible

FX overlays to manage the FX risks associated with assets held in the UK, Europe and USA

Annual tax efficient investments to mitigate high ongoing employment taxes via EIS, VCTs, ISAs, Pensions & Investors Relief

Offering investment flexibility via a combination of “hands-off” investment management, and much more “active” investment consultancy, allowing the client to dictate his level of involvement

Overall, thankfully a very satisfied client judging by his personal comments, increasing mandate and the multiple referrals he has made to us - many of whom have become clients.