Classic Cars

Maintaining Close Relationships With Our Clients

When you deal with a family for many years and become their true trusted advisor, you witness their requirements changing as their wealth and leisure time ebbs and flows. One of my clients found that as he and his wife neared retirement they wanted to explore new exciting interests and experiences and at the same time dip their toe into the world of classic car ownership.

Achieving Client Goals Through Years' Of Experience

We have many years’ experience of this at Artorius and set about understanding what the clients wanted to achieve. We talked them carefully through the characteristics of the classic car world, the events and experiences available and the considerations in terms of value protection and enhancement. Having prepared a list of desirable characteristics we set about sourcing a suitable vehicle for our clients, off market ,out of a collection, which would not have been possible without our deeply embedded relationships within the classic car world. Our clients are very private people who did not want to be identified as the purchaser or ongoing owner of the car. We therefore negotiated and executed the transaction on their behalf.

As special cars require special care, we set about arranging stabling for the car and pulled together a detailed program of events to keep the car visible at key events and at the same time, give them a taste of the exciting opportunities available and develop their knowledge.

As with any asset of value, a truly special car needs managing actively like any other investment. In short we ensure our clients have turnkey enjoyment and experiences whilst keeping an eye on gently enhancing the car’s value.

“We can have a meaningful conversations, not the normal patronising small talk trying to convince me to sell my cars and buy shares.”