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Better answers begin, we believe, with better questions: What are you seeking to achieve with your wealth, for you and for your family and for future generations?


We were founded to be independent of the conflicts that riddle much of the provision of financial advice and services; to put the integrity of our advice and the quality of our customer service at the top of our collective responsibilities; and to strive to do the best for you, our client, in our partnership with you.


 We believe in partnership:  partnership within Artorius, which is a small firm but one with broad and deep expertise; partnership with the banks who provide custody and execution for our clients; partnership with other trusted and respected third-parties, who share our values and bring further specialised skills; and – most importantly – partnership with our clients, with whom we work, first to define and then to achieve their financial goals.


 Will these goals require income generation from your assets? Do you aim to preserve your capital or is your ambition to grow capital in real terms over time? How sensitive are you to volatility over shorter time horizons? And what are your needs for liquidity over time?


 Having established your objectives we will consider carefully how they may best be met, from appropriate structures through to suitable investment solutions. We aim to combine the rigour of a disciplined investment process with the flexibility to accommodate each client’s needs.


 Artorius realises the vision of our late founder Richard Algar, whose values permeate the business that he created: independence, integrity and flexibility are the qualities to which we aspire, allowing us to put our customers’ interests first.


Our favourite chair is on your side of the table.






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