December 09th 2021

Artorius and Sugi launch B2B partnership

London, UK, 9th December 2021:

Independent wealth manager Artorius and green fintech Sugi have announced a new partnership. The partnership will see Artorius offer their clients bespoke access to Sugi’s environmental metrics, providing personalised information about the climate impact of investments and helping investors take action to build a greener portfolio.

Artorius is the first wealth manager to partner with Sugi, demonstrating their commitment to transparency in investing. Sugi, which initially launched as an app earlier this year and has since won a number of awards, shows retail investors the carbon impact of their investments and the global warming temperature alignment of their portfolios, alongside industry benchmarks and similar investments for comparison. Investors also have the choice to offset some or all of their portfolio carbon impact via verified carbon credits.

The fintech currently displays impact data for 95% of the global listed equities market and offers comprehensive coverage of ETFs, mutual funds and investment trusts. Rather than source information from asset managers, Sugi performs its own analysis from company-level data, meaning Sugi’s metrics are independent and objective, helping investors cut through greenwashing.

Josh Gregory, CEO and Founder of Sugi commented: “We’re at a crucial time for climate action, and demand for ESG products is at an all-time high. In this context, it’s vital that the investment industry is transparent with their clients about the environmental impact of their investments and curated portfolios in a way that is clear and understandable and meets investor needs. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Artorius, bringing our personalised, independent metrics to their clients.”

Paddy Lewis, CEO of Artorius commented: “Artorius is incredibly proud to be the first wealth manager to partner with Sugi, enhancing our ESG offering with Sugi’s first-class environmental metrics and the ability for our clients to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting via verified carbon credits. Our partnership with Sugi, as one of the UK’s leading green fintechs, is a great reflection of the fresh and entrepreneurial approach that Artorius brings to wealth management.”

About Sugi:

Sugi is an award-winning platform that shows retail investors the environmental impact of their investments and helps them take action to build a greener portfolio. Following the successful launch of its app earlier this year, Sugi now also provides its innovative environmental metrics to investment businesses for the benefit of their customers.

Sugi shows investors their personalised carbon impact data and portfolio temperature, with more metrics in the pipeline, and enables investors to offset their carbon impact. Sugi covers approximately 95% of the global listed equity market and tens of thousands of exchange traded funds, actively managed funds and investment trusts.

In October 2021, Sugi won the ESG Investing Innovation Award and the Investing Innovation Newcomer Award at’s coveted Investor and Savings Awards. Sugi was founded by Josh Gregory who, after a decade in investment funds and green finance, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of options for retail investors who want to engage with green investing. Josh created Sugi with the mission of simplifying green investing for everyone.