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Our Approach

Thinking Smarter

"Better answers begin with better questions: what’s important to you and your family, today, tomorrow and further down the track? And what do you have to do to make these important things happen? It’s this approach that has shaped us as a business: we dig deeper, think smarter to provide highly personalised solutions that enrich our clients’ lives. What matters to you matters to us."

Our Story

Artorius was created by a group of financial professionals who believed that there had to be a better way to help families achieve their financial goals. Old-fashioned values combined with agile thinking to form a fresh perspective.

We were supported by likeminded shareholders, who shared our vision and values. With their help, we've built a business that puts the customer first - a philosophy that remains at the heart of everything that we do.

'Know your client' is a cliché of wealth management industry. For Artorius it really is where we begin: we're not doing this to see if you fit what we have to offer - we find out what's best for you and make sure that that's what we deliver.

Our Process

What do you want to achieve? Our journey with every client starts by establishing together where we're trying to get to. It's only once this is agreed between us that we can begin to discuss together the best route to our agreed objective.

Before any discussion about investment you'll meet one of our Wealth Planning team: we'll look at the whole picture of your family's financial assets and liabilities and consider the various factors likely to influence this over time. Where necessary we'll work with your lawyers and accountants, both when it comes to establishing this overview and also when considering and implementing any changes.

We'll talk to you about estate planning and about how best to achieve your wishes. And we'll make sure that you own assets in appropriate structures, helping to guide you through the complex and constantly changing landscape of tax-efficient saving schemes.

Our Proposition

Everything we do for you starts with a detailed Wealth Management Plan. This then leads to portfolio solutions tailored to your needs and objectives. For clients wanting a different portfolio management approach or advice specific to one area, or who are simply keen to receive a flow of niche investment ideas on a non-advised basis, we can be directed by you.

We start by listening, enabling us to understand you and your family's living, lifestyle and legacy objectives. Once we understand where you are and where you want to be, we will construct a detailed plan for you and your family. Your plan could include near-term cash and capital planning and longer term generational planning.

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Financial Planning

Our clients – like Tolstoy’s happy families – have certain things in common. But they resemble each other in fewer ways than the ways in which they differ: different needs, different priorities, different objectives, different attitudes towards tax and inheritance and different propensities to endure volatility and illiquidity.

Our starting point is to understand the ways in which each of our clients is distinct: our sensitivity to each client’s needs and objectives combines with the flexibility of our approach to determine the best strategy to achieve each client’s ambition for their wealth.

Investment Management

We provide bespoke and efficient portfolios optimised to client-specific risk mandates. Tailoring reflects specific client requirements in terms of risk, investment time horizon, income, tax structure and other preferences. We undertake primary research and analysis, from asset allocation through to individual stock selection, to ensure that we manage your money to the best of our abilities. We remain responsible and accountable to you for this.

Our investment process is driven by empirical research, with input and over-sight from our in-house investment team to ensure that the ‘science’ of investing continues to reflect the benefit of common sense and market experience.

Artorius Wealth holds no customer assets – we partner with leading banks and institutions who provide safe custody for our clients’ assets. Our systems technology is free from ‘legacy’ constraints and can provide consolidated reporting across numerous third-party platforms.

“It’s bespoke, it pays for itself and it lets us get on with our lives.”