July 20th 2022

Artorius announces the engagement of Rupert Edwards as Specialist Environmental Advisor

Artorius Wealth Limited is pleased to announce the engagement of Rupert Edwards as Specialist Environmental Advisor.

Rupert is a Senior Advisor for Forest Trends, the Washington D.C. based conservation organisation. He provides thought leadership on topics related to REDD+, climate finance and investment, the carbon markets, and valuing environmental benefits. He also works as an advisor to the New York based Environmental Defense Fund and has previously acted as a consultant to the World Bank and Vivid Economics.

Rupert is often invited to participate as an expert on environmental finance issues, including with the US State Department, UK government, OECD, United Nations, World Bank, government ministries in Brazil and Peru, and the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

“We are delighted to have someone of Rupert’s calibre in our network to provide insight into current environmental and sustainability issues to both clients and employees. Rupert’s experience and knowledge will be extremely valuable as we develop our own ESG offering and help clients to make a positive environmental difference within their own portfolios.”

Paddy Lewis, Chief Executive Officer

“I am excited to be joining Artorius as an adviser on climate and environment. Artorius is thinking hard about how it can best serve the financial and ethical goals of its clients in a world where climate and environment issues are creating challenges and opportunities.”

Rupert Edwards