Get to know us

Our People

Artorius is a small business, but it's populated by people with lots of experience across a broad range of fields. Nothing matters more to us than looking after clients, in every way in which we interact.

Our Management Committee is responsible for the practical day-to-day running of the business. We are proud to have a diverse and highly experienced leadership team that is committed to delivering an excellent client experience.

We are truly fortunate in the strength of our network, reflected in our Advisory Council: they represent a rich resource of intelligence and experience, which we’re not shy to tap. We are proud to be associated with – and supported by – people of this calibre.

In advising our clients we believe that a framework of family governance is essential – and this is no different for Artorius. Corporate Governance is no less important for a small company than for a large one. Our Non-Executive Directors have extensive executive experience at senior levels in great businesses, large and small. We expect them to challenge us. And they do.