Gerard Lane

Gerard Lane

Chief Investment Officer

I am the Chief Investment Officer and lead a team of seasoned, some suggest weathered, investment professionals to select investments and shape portfolios to meet the needs of the client here at Artorius. Having started investing at the British Coal Pension fund, where on day one it was emphasised that ‘it’s the clients’ money’, a mantra that forms a foundation of my investment philosophy; through a career that includes UBS and Aviva as an investment strategist.

With the benefit of experiencing working with a variety of talented people in the industry, I am still learning and being challenged by the constant change in market conditions and economic backdrop. The joy of the job is not just the people we meet, but also the knowing that each week will bring a new intellectual challenge in the ever moving jigsaw of investment management. These jigsaw pieces may include strands from politics, accountancy and psychology, so is investment the last liberal art?

Over my career I have developed an elegant, and to date successful, stock selection strategy that complements the more free-flowing analytical framework for thinking about markets and political events.

Away from work, I provide a taxi service to the family, where sport and music feature highly. I assist at a local food bank and community development project in the North West of England.

Manchester +44 161 711 0730